Our Services

Sound Advice Mobile Hearing Aid Clinic is fully equipped to handle your hearing aid needs, whether in one of our clinics, or from the convenience of your own home.

Mobile Services

We Come To You

Sound Advice offers a unique service to the Southern Interior of BC.  We are the only company that offers all the services of a Hearing Aid clinic within the comfort of their own home.  Services include hearing aid sales, hearing tests, hearing aid fitting and programming, cleaning and maintenance in the comfort of the client's home environment.


Full Audiological Testing

We have all of the necessary equipment to complete a full Audiological Test in a quiet room in your home, without a sound booth. This test is complete and can be given to a family doctor or ENT.


Hearing Aid Demos

We offer demo aids from several companies, allowing our clients to choose the aid that best suits their lifestyle.  Available demos include Receiver in Canal (RIC) and Behind the Ear (BTE), along with accessories


Hearing Aid Fittings

Fitting new hearing aids can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour. The aids are programmed and then tested in the home environment. After the aids are programmed, the client and family are shown how to care for the aids.

Follow up appointments are made for 1-2 weeks later and at this time adjustments to the hearing aids can be made.  We also explain how to clean aids and will answer any questions our clients and their families may have.


Hearing Aid Adjustments

A person's hearing can continue to change over time so the hearing aids can be adjusted or reprogrammed based on the client's needs.  We also recommend that a new test be taken at least once every two years to ensure the hearing aids are meeting a client's needs.


Battery Replacements and Ordering

Hearing aid batteries can be ordered by telephone or email.